Client Handouts

You can click on the documents below to print them, and use as directed by your psychologist.


CBT Monitoring Forms Relaxation Handouts



Client CBT Information Sheets

Anger coping strategies

Behavioural activation

Fun activities catalogue

Problem solving

Vicious cycle of anxiety

Vicious cycle of depression


Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Recordings

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise – voice alone (FREE downloadable MP3 by Dr C.Torres)



Mindfulness Recordings

Mindfulness Introduction (FREE downloadable MP3 by Dr C. Torres)

Leaves on a stream exercise (FREE downloadable MP3 by Dr C. Torres)

Link to Dr Russ Harris’ CD’s & Books web page where you can purchase Mindfulness Vol 1 & 2 CD’s


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) handouts

ACT handouts & worksheets document (This document is from ‘ACT Made Simple’ by Dr Russ Harris)

Values cards / list

Personal Values Record


Alcohol Information

Alcohol drinking screen

(print and complete this simple form and check ‘how risky is your drinking’… There are also some helpful tips for changing your drinking and taking action).



Resources are added regularly! Check back again soon…