Training & EAP

HEADSHOTPERSONALBRANDING8AnaliaPainoPhotographer Cristian has over 20 years of clinical and organisational experience delivering training and EAP services.

He has worked as a psychologist in a range of public and private organisations including community mental health, drug and alcohol, employee assistance providers (internal and external to the organisation), inpatient psychiatry and corrections, as well as Commonwealth agencies such as DFAT and the AFP.

Cristian was also in the Australian Defence Force (Australian Regular Army) in a previous life, and has experienced the forces in a tri-service environment, both as a soldier, and, later, as a Staff Cadet at the Royal Military College, Duntroon prior to deciding to undertake his clinical training.

In private practice Cristian has provided an external EAP service to a number of agencies, including Defence, SupportLink and Richmond Fellowship.

Cristian is a qualified workplace trainer and assessor (Cert IV – TAA) and has delivered countless training workshops, seminars and lectures to thousands of participants in Australia and overseas. Cristian has worked as an internal resource with Commonwealth agencies such as the AFP and DFAT, as well as with Beyondblue as an accredited Workplace Facilitator.

Cristian has also developed & delivered corporate mental health and wellbeing workshops, seminars and training packages in the private sector for many years.

Cristian’s goal in training is to make learning interactive and fun, and he focuses on delivering experiential learning that is practical, immediately applicable and relevant.

Cristian is able to develop a tailor-made training package to suit your specific organisational and staff needs. Existing training packages include the following:

  • Mental health awareness
  • Stress & stress management
  • Enhancing staff resilience
  • Resilience for leaders
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviour
  • Dealing with difficult people – eg for telephone operators or frontline staff dealing with the public
  • Managing risk of suicide
  • Communication skills (Basic & Advanced) – eg for staff and for leaders / managers.
  • Dealing with trauma & critical incidents in the workplace
  • Team Building workshops – an excellent ‘tonic’ for workplace wellbeing to improve team morale and relationships, thereby minimising the instance of workplace stress progressing to a potenital mental illness
  • Mental Illness in the workplace
  • Mental Health in the workplace

A variety of training delivery methods are available ranging from 1-hour information seminars, to half or full day interactive workshops, for both staff and management groups.

Fees for training development and delivery are provided via a quote for services.

For any Training enquiries please email Capital Clinical Psychology by clicking here.

Cristian’s extensive experience in both local ACT and Commonwealth government departments means that he is well attuned to the many issues and presenting problems faced by staff in a wide range of areas. He is used to dealing with complex and difficult problems in the workplace and assisting the individual through difficult situations in service of both the individual and the organisation.

Cristian has delivered EAP services to a broad range of organisations including AFP, DFAT, Defence and Richmod Fellowship.

For any EAP Services enquiries please email Capital Clinical Psychology by clicking here.